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Today being the first day of school we were introduced to our new school dean...I forget her name, but it doesn't really matter anyway.

So I go to her at lunch wanting to change my schedule from Web Design to Drawing 1, 'cause I was supposed to be put in that anyway. Then she points at my Mick pin and this is our conversation.

Dean: "Where did you get that?"

Me: "Ummm...I made it."

Dean: "Really that's so cool."

Me: "Why, do you even know who he is?"
* Said in my cocky teenage "I'm better than you" attitude.

Dean: "Of course I know who that is, Mick Jagger. I'm like one of his biggest fans!"

Me: "No, I am. I know everything and anything to do with that man."
*Again said in cocky attitude.

Dean: "Have you ever been to one of their concerts?"

Me: "You kidding? They were my fist, November 2, 2002, 13th row, Forty Licks."

Dean: "'re one awesome kid."

I think I made a pretty good impression, all thanks to Mick.
Then my friend called me Mick today.
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