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I got an A in Speech and Debate, but what does this mean for this community? Well here we go. See every year I try to get the Stones mentioned in my comments. So here is Everetts comment, which I actually cried over. Because I love him in so many ways. "Congratulations to Becca on another outstanding trimester in speech class. Her debates, on parenting classes and junk food taxes, were both well-prepared and effectively delivered. However, her high point clearly came on her oratory on the history of rock and roll. Becca worked hard to refine this speech on a subject about which she cared greatly, she ended up giving us a second presentation so engaging that we felt transported to Woodstock. While Mick Jagger may not be able to obtain a sufficient degree of satisfaction, Becca should be pleased with her accomplishments this year. I will certainly miss her and her telepathic communication." Oh lordy I love him.

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