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I'm going to see them! September 8, 2005!

I have yet to find any words that seem worthy to describe my excitment.
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I'm seeing them September 8th as well :)
with me ;)
DAMN YOU ALL [super sad]


the stage moved and me and my friend (wildflower24) were in the front row and ronnie looked and smiled/giggled at us 3 times, charlie raised his eyebrows at us, and keith looked over we screamed that we loved him and then he did his cute shrug and worded something that we couldn't understand. mick didn't really look at anyone in the front row... he kinda looked out more as he performed. it was an amazing performance and they, of course, can still rock!

there was just such a great crowd of people there - no angry drunks, lol - extremely friendly drunks.
oh man I am so envious! They are coming here in November. They sold out the first day tickets sold and they are having two concerts here. Damn I really wanna go.
I also saw them on the 8th. It was an amazing experience and great show.