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Alright, I'm new so here it goes.

The names Becca and I'm fourteen and I am the biggest Mick fan it the world. I'm not kiddin' you, I know everything and anything that there is to know about Mick.

I always wear my Mick pin every day and people stop me on the street saying "Do you know who that is?"...these people are like forty thinking I'm an ignorant child who just picked it up off the floor. Then the next thing they know I'm in an in depth conversation with them about Mick. This happened for the billionth time to me at The Cure concert two nights ago.

The first concert that I went to was the Stones forty licks November 2, 2002 13th row, and I feel in love.

Now I can't hide the fact that I also love Keef as much as Mick, but I do know more about him. Really, ask me anything, I have numerous Stones books lying around that I've read three or four times each.

Thanks for lettin' me into your sexy community about the sexiest man alive.
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